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Women of Power

The Women of Power invite all ladies of Christ Cathedral to join together for spiritual enrichment, community empowerment,  and social enjoyment. We meet monthly and love gathering together.


Youth Ministry

The youth of Christ Cathedral are welcome to lead worship, usher, and serve in various capacities. We love to see our youth leading and showing their love for God!


Outreach Ministry

Our CARE Outreach Ministry focuses on Compassion, Assistance, Resources, and Empathy. If you need support, feel free to contact the CARE Ministry.


Music Ministry

Praise and worship is an essential part of our worship services. If you're interested in joining our praise team and are called to music ministry, feel free to share your desires after service with our Music Director.


Men's Ministry

The men of Christ Cathedral benefit from bonding together. Whether coming together for coffee, Bible study, or sports events, they are truly better together.  Their fellowship helps them bring their best to their families and community.

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